AIC Solutions Group is...

Who We Are

AIC Solutions Group, Inc., is a Nevada corporation and a federally certitfied Native American Indian Owned and Operated Business. Our experienced team in combination with our strategic alliances allow us to engage in all aspects of energy resource exploration, aquisition, and production.

AIC’s founder and President, John F. Melk, has an extensive and wide-ranging career in contracting for the U.S. Federal Government Department of Defense, as well as the industrial private sector. Our Director, Mr. Daofu Zhang, has successfully administered many large scale energy related projects. Mr. Melk and Mr Zhang together and along with our dedicated staff enable AIC to conduct the full spectrum of oil, gas and coal mining operations, from mineral source to end user.

We at AIC Solutions Group, Inc. are dedicated to producing the energy that drives civilization, creates jobs and improves lives.

Equipment Capabilities:

AIC Solutions Group, Inc., has strong research and development abilities and equipment including 38 drilling rigs (ZJ-20, ZJ-30, ZJ-40, ZJ-50, ZJ-70). We have the capacity of vertical, parallel and directional drilling up to 7000 meters.

AIC has normal and unconventional logging trucks, cementing trucks, engineering vehicles, high temperature and pressure steam boilers, 2000-2500 series fracturing truck sets, test vehicles, hot wash trucks, workover vehicles etc., totaling over 180 sets with the ability of well drilling, logging, cementing, repairing, oil production, water injection, profile control, chemical flooding, gas flooding, acidification, fracturing, viscous oil production, and oil sand extraction.


John F. Melk is an enrolled Tribal Member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians, headquartered in Belcourt, North Dakota.

AIC’s President has personally, with his own Native American 100% owned small business, directly contracted with numerous Federal DoD agencies such as the US Air Force at numerous base locations, Air Force Research Laboratories, US Naval Command Bases, US Marine Bases, US Army Proving Grounds, and other numerous US Army Bases, US Army “Golden Nights” Building number (506) located on the Yuma Arizona Proving Grounds battery limits, US Army Intelligence Agency at numerous locations, US Army Corps of Engineers locations, Tennessee Valley Authority R.&D. with awards/commendations for our implemented design, US National Park Services at numerous locations, US Department of Agriculture, Los Alamos Laboratory, US Missile fabricating projects, PRIVATELY CONTRACTED on the MX missile systems, McDonnel Douglas, the Boeing Company, Intel Corporation, Motorola Inc., Allied Signals, Disney Land Anaheim California location, General Services Administration’s numerous locations including the Public Buildings Service’s Division, Arizona & California Border Stations at numerous locations, City of Phoenix Police Department, numerous contracts with City of Phoenix, Arizona Parks Construction Services Division, Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Indian Affairs projects at numerous locations, Indian Health Services at numerous locations, US Department of Agriculture, Tribal Housing Authorities, and Tribal owned Casinos to name a few.

John’s early professional career commenced at the Lawrence “RAD-LAB”, Research and Development Laboratory located in Livermore, California performing work on numerous classified and non-classified R.&D. missile and rocket engine fueling systems, cryogenic pressure vessels for liquid hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other specific types of pressure vessels as needed, for numerous testing/proving grounds such as Cape Canaveral Florida, Vandenberg and more.

From the RAD-LAB in Livermore California, John was re-located to Nacoma, North Dakota to work at the Missile Site Radar (MSR): installing critical high pressure piping fueling systems for 46 missiles at the four remote locations from the MSR site.

After the MSR systems were politically shut down due to the “Strategic Arms Limited Talks” (SALT) in the early 70’s, John was assigned to North Dakota’s numerous Minute Man Missile locations to work on the high pressure piping systems for the missiles’ suspension systems through to the late 70’s.

Subsequent to the various missiles’ systems work, John began specializing on the critical pressure parts/components/systems for numerous fossil fuel coal fired power plants in North Dakota, focusing on the main steam, hot & cold reheat heavy wall piping systems as a member of UA Local 627, Minot, North Dakota.

John became the Combustion Engineering head erector at the Coal Creek Generating power plant, 1976-1979, in North Dakota. Once the plant was nearly completed, John relocated to the Coal Strip, Montana, power plant for about nine months, late 1979-1980. After Coal Strip John then was reassigned to the coal fired power plant due west of Missoula, Montana.

Subsequently from the Missoula coal plant, John went back to Mandan, North Dakota, several different times while living in Olympia, Washington to manage the oil refinery for three major turn-around retrofit upgrades including the addition of the first isomerization system on said oil refinery in around 1981-1982.

John in April, 26th, 1983 underwent a very successful “Kidney Transplant” that is still functioning 100% to this day. After his Kidney transplant, John relocated to Phoenix, Arizona where he managed major cooling systems for numerous commercial customers such as Intel (numerous sites), Motorola (numerous sites), TRW, General Motors Proving Grounds, Good Year Aerospace plant, Good Year, Az., Allied Signals & etc., from 1983-1986.

In 1986 John was able to obtain the contract of “Critical Path Tolerances Fabrication Of Welded And Machined Metal Components Parts” on the MX-Missile systems as a private contractor. In 1986 John was invited by the small business advisor of Sandia National Laboratory & Los Alamos to relocate to New Mexico to work under their auspices as a minority Native American Indian Federal Contractor.