Anhui Guangda Mining Investment Co. Ltd.

Invests in mineral exploration and development, and production of chemical products (excluding hazardous materials), rubber products, plastic products, mineral products, vehicles (excluding cars) and their spare parts, metal products, building materials, agricultural and sideline products.


Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting INC., CNPC

BGP is one of the world’s leading geophysical service companies, delivering a wide range of technologies, services and equipment to the oil and gas industry worldwide. They are engaged in seismic data acquisition, processing, interpretation, reservoir geophysics, borehole seismic, micro seismic, GME and multi-client surveys, equipment manufacturing and software R&D.



China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Luoyang Branch

China Petroleum & Chemical Co., Ltd. Luoyang Branch (referred to as Luoyang Petrochemical) began product in 1984. LPC has grown from a single fuel-type refinery into a large refining & petrochemical company with a focus on oil refining, production of chemicals and chemical fiber.



Yanzhou Coal Mining Company

Yanzhou Coal Mining Company is principally engaged in underground coal mining, preparation and processing, sales, and railway transportation of coal.



Daqing Oil Field

This field has produced over 10 billion barrels of oil since production began in 1960. The current production rate is about 1 million barrels per day, making it the fourth most productive oil field in the world.