Kyrgyzstan oil fields – AIC Solutions Group, Inc is partnered with PetroChina Co. LTD & SINOPEC for oil and gas exploration and development in inner Mongolia province and Kyrgyzstan. Currently in Kyrgyzstan, we are licensed for 13 oil and gas blocks of 7800 square kilometers.

Through 2D and 3D exploration, we have discovered 600 million tons of oil reserve, with a total estimated crude oil reserve of 1.2 billion tons.

AIC Solutions Group, Inc. has now developed 100 oil wells in Kyrgyzstan and is expected to complete the development of additional 300 oil wells by the end of 2017. The developed oil wells have been put into operation with the current annual production capacity reaching 1.5 million barrels and are expected to achieve an annual capacity of 7 million barrels.

Dakota Oil Refinery – AIC Solutions Group, Inc. has obtained key permits and a strategically positioned location for a 28,000 barrel/day oil refinery located in Trenton, North Dakota. The refinery will produce oil and diesel for the local market as well as additional petroleum products. Itwill facilitate local economic growth while providing hundreds of long-term employment opportunities. AIC Solutions Group, Inc is scheduled to begin fabrication of this refinery in the second half of 2017.


2D/3D Seismic Survey of Crow Tribe Nation in Montana – AIC Solutions Group, Inc. is mobilizing personnel and equipment to conduct a 2D/3D Seismic Survey of the 2.2 million acres of the Crow Tribe Nation. The purpose of this survey is to locate and identify potential oil and gas resources. AIC Solutions Group, Inc. will partner with the Crow Tribe Nation to develop any oil and gas resources as they are discovered.